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Requirements to Become a Guest at a Medical Facility Guest House in TX

If you have a loved one who is a patient at a local hospital and do not live in the Beaumont area, you may be able to lodge at a guest hotel. This hotel is designed to accommodate family members of patients at local facilities who cannot travel to see their loved one each day. The hotels provide a safe, comfortable home-like environment for guest with a low nightly rate. But, eligibility requirements must be met if you want to use the services offered at a Guest Hotel Beaumont TX.

Requirements to become a guest at a guest hotel include:

·    Must pay the nightly fee to stay at the guest hotel in advance of the stay.

·    A guest referral is needed. The referral must come from a social worker or case manager at a hospital, treatment facility, or a doctor’s office.

Guest Hotel Beaumont TX

·    It must be a member of your family who is receiving care at the facility. Outpatient care may be eligible for a stay at a guest house as well.

·    A state-issued ID is required.

·    You must abide by all of the rules of the hotel during the stay. Anyone that does not abide by the rules may be discharged at any time.

·    You may not stay in the guest hotel if you have any type of infectious disorder, including chicken pox, shingles, flu, etc.).

·    Families/individuals with a history of substance abuse are not eligible.

·    Guests may check in between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., although the facility is staffed 24-hours per day.

A guest hotel can make it easier to be with a loved one in their time of need. But, ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements for the stay. Those requirements are listed above.